Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Ultimate Show-Off

In case you were dreading more pictures of the phone (omg), the ultimate part of this ultimate show-off campaign ultimately covers just a few photos taken USING the phone, haha.

Pictures below taken using the Sony Ericsson C905, without SmartContrast, without Photo Fix, and without any photo enhancements, but resized for the fun of it.
...only for this post. Since I'm a kiasu editing freak and I'm not a DON'T EDIT YOUR PHOTOS campaign supporter (or something to that effect) and also I usually edit photos taken using the camera and I don't see why phone pictures should be given special untreated treatment, most if not all photos in future posts shall be edited to death. Okay, maybe not edited to death, but I do have a habit of editing photos before posting them up.

Ah, same ol' same ol'

If you want to see picture with a speedometer reading of >=100km/h you can take it yourself =P
Anyway, I'm rather happy with the macro mode =D

Ohh yesss I recently got this very old school looking torchlight which uses 2 D batteries =D

I do have some major disagreement with the focus though. Apparently the next-in-line Idou (I used to think it's Hikaru, which mana tau turned out to be W995, a Walkman phone -_-) allows you to select exactly where to focus, which is a good thing. Oh wait, nono it's actually a bad thing for me.

Anyway, for the super ultimate part of the super ultimate part of the show-off campaign, I shall present you with...

D40X! Dahling say hi to readers, readers please say hi to dahling.

Lol, no la. Actually right, I call it sayang.

Haha. Again, no la.

That's it! Haha.

P.S. : Ah btw, I forgot to thank Chu Ian for posting up the link to my C905 "gallery" (aka show-off pictures) on a forum the other day, haha. Thank you! =D This post has too few pics though, so it doesn't count as a gallery xD


  1. holy shit that's sharp O_O i'd say those are impressive results for a camera phone. oh no my N95 is dethroned =(

  2. yep yep the camera's really good for a phone =D yay >D

  3. oh i forgot how ur camera looks like, forgot its a nikon also. Too enthralled by teh new canon EOS 50D. Canon >>>>>>>>> Nikon :D haha jk

  4. lol. yours may be more pro, but it's not because it's Canon =P

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