Saturday, February 07, 2009

It's a C905!

I took a lot of time taking these shots, and by a lot I mean hours, and even with that I can't say they're good. Some were taken yesterday, some were taken last week. I'm not good with angles, so I can't come up with some picture and say "I spent 2 minutes on this one" T.T Talent is a scary thing *nod nod*

Anyway, for a change of mood, and as a Chinese New Year Resolution, I'm going to start using ipernity to host images from now on, they provide muchhhh more space than the kedekut Blogger, round 200MB per month compared to 1GB per lifetime in Blogger. Not exactly the most gorgeous looking site around, Flickr's nicer actually, but at least I don't need a Yahoo! ID to register, haha.

Part 2 of my C905 show-off campaign. Most are repetitive, may not be worth looking xD

Phone theme by wich.

Ah btw, Happy Chinese New Year everyone! =D
It's already the 13th day I think, but oh well, it's still CNY!
Once again, this year I have reaffirmed my belief that Hokkiens in the neighbourhood are very lively people.

My favourite shot by far =D

I always save my favourites for last.

The phone came with some HPM-62 stock earphones, but I wanted in-ear ones, so I bought a pair of HPM-82, and somehow after a longggg story, I ended up with a pair of HPM-70. May elaborate on that further when I feel like it, but for now here's a picture xD

My brother arranged them like this. Thanks =)