Saturday, July 11, 2009

Farewell to Th(r)ee

Pardon the lame title.

Three just left! Many more to go next sem lol.

Ate at Marché, some sort of "marketplace concept" restaurant with hotel serving sizes aka small servings sold at hotel price. My food was quite nice though.

Anyway, those leaving:

Shu Yi (I shouldn't have used this picture since it shows how much of a tiang lampu I've been sitting beside them but nvm -_-)

Kar Mern

and Sin Jiang

Group shot minus Andrew.

Take One

Take Two

and after many other takes,


Kar Mern at work again.

Then we spent some 20 minutes standing outside Starbucks for dunno what reason.

Ok that's about it. I think there are too many pics though, may delete some later -_-

Anyway, do enjoy yourselves in Australia =D

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