Sunday, July 05, 2009

Linking Apples with Orange Juice?

Okay no answers like "they are both fruits" thank you.

Anyway, this is a random random post. Once in a while, I do feel like writing lots of nonsense xD

Picture taken a few days before Mechanics test. As you can see, I was struggling with basics at the 11th hour. And still taking pictures at such dangerous times.

As you all know or should know, I'm currently on holiday xD (I keep telling everyone >D)

Anyway, 13 weeks in a nutshell: This semester taught me that some people are just on a whole different level altogether, in a way that really reminds me there are some things you cannot achieve with sheer hard work alone. Certain things really require talent and brains you know T_T Not that I'm in any way hardworking, but I guess I've been less lazy compared to school days (you can ask my teachers), so it's already a big improvement xD Anyway, I consider this realization wisdom! All hail teh wise guru =D

I also need to thank fellow peers who helped me a lot in studies projects labs bloodbath these few months. Thank you very much! *bows* =D

Oh and a special note to someone, I hope someday you'll get framed the same way you framed us =D

Haha, moving on. What else?

I just realized I always think of Detective Conan whenever I listen to Love Hina OSTs, which explains the post title actually. I dunno, prolly it's because I was into LH songs when I went on a DC manga marathon (I raced through 400 chapters in a week, how much did I exactly remember or understood remains unknown till today). It feels oddly calming though xD

Ahhh I almost forgot, thank you Dhanika for skillfully booking Transformers tickets so that we got to watch it the day I finished my exams! Transformers was nicenicenicenicenice btw =D

For teh record, I own a Sony Ericsson non-touchscreen phone, so this is obviously not mine xD Picture taken long long time ago, around March I think.

Sent my phone for repairs a few days ago. Of all the things on earth you'd expect the keypad to at least be problem-free. Mana tau everything else no problem (yet. oh wait, choy choy choy) and the keypad got problem -_-

Also found out by chance yesterday that my favourite "Legendary" game on NES(was it NES?) was actually called the "Legend of Kage". Imagine me googling for "NES legendary game" for a few days, find until can die -_-" Talking about NES games, it's really nice to be able to play them again after seeing only graphically advanced games for so many years. But now I'm getting as many "game over"s as the amount of sand in the desert, I used to be so much better at them, especially at TwinBee T_T

Hmm nothing else. That's all I guess.

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