Sunday, December 20, 2009

My 19th on the 20th

Sorry sorry for the ultimately late update aiks, I've been learning the art of 6 colours lol and been really tired lately. Getting old.

Post rolled back to 20th December 2009, since it was my birthday =D

Back to the topic in hand, I am now 19! The joy ~~
...actually it's just the same, no difference one. Except feeling older.

I kena pwn-ed on my birthday. Details are foggy to me, but somehow I woke up a little early and went back to sleep, and half a dreamtime later mom came upstairs to wake me up, so I dragged myself downstairs to see.... 8 people (actually I only saw 7 at first, sorry! haha) waiting for me with a cake.

... and that was at 9am o.o

Thanks Ann June, Bee Theng, Chee Yung, Chu Ian, En Shyang, Mei Xian, Pei Chern, and Vincent, and technically Lisa as well, for the surprise. It's very nice of you peeps, thanks =D

On to some picturesss. No pictures of the day though, somehow I totally forgot about baby camera that time +_+ Which also means no picture of the cake, my beloved candle shots T_T But still, thanks everyone (edited, sorry for the mix-up) for the cake! =D

This is a... cat-in-a-wintermelon thingy from Mei Xian's cousin and niece, given a month early when I went to Singapore for AFA o.o the miao's mounted on a spring of some sort, so it can bounce a little within its home the wintermelon, haha.

It's nice, I liketh. Thanks! ^w^

Ahem *cough cough* Technically it's a necessity, but a gift is a gift. Nothing too fancy, but it's good enough for me. Thanks to my parents for this =D

My brother gave me a mechanical pencil, woot!

It's nice to hold and has some carbon-ish feel to it (pardon my poor vocabulary). I've wanted to buy this quite some time ago, I didn't expect you'd remembered. Thanks bro =D

A bear cat dog bear cat pencil case by Lisa. I think I see where the miao idea came from but it still looks more like a bear to me. Anyway, since the giver insisted that it's a cat, then a cat it shall be la lol.

I can use it to store pencils and... catch cannons xD Thanks =P

A hugeee blue (blue is love =D) clip thingy from Jo Wee. It's some memo and photo holder actually, haha. And yes I can see three cat heads, the number of miaos are overwhelming -_-

I don't have any memo or photo in particular for it yet, and clipping fingers sounds (and felt) dangerous, so for the time being I shall let bear cat catch the butterfly first xD Thanks Jo Wee =D

And a Steelseries Siberia Full-size Headset from Andrew, Ann June, Bee Theng, Carolyn, Chee Yung, Chu Ian, Mei Xian, Pei Chern, and Vincent.

Short review since I'm a person of few words, haha.

Build: Wires are thick, feels like they can take quite a bit of yanking before coming off, haven't tried and not planning to try, please don't help me try either thank you. The headphones feel solid enough to hold and wear but I shouldn't try dropping them, plastic remains plastic after all.

Comfort: Very comfortable, can be worn for hours without any pain or discomfort to the ears, and with the retractable adjustable headband I hardly even feel anything on top of my head despite its size (talking about size, it's not very portable but it's okay, I don't need portability haha). Open air design allows the ears to breathe and at the same time makes it possible to hear my parents calling from the other far end of the universe downstairs. Then again, when you can listen to sounds from such a distance you'd practically hear everything else along the way = lots of noise. Will get to the squeaking part later.

Sound: Sounds great, they're a joy to listen to. Not too bassy which is good, since I don't really like a lot of bass since they're bad for the heart. And you can hear sounds from different directions clearly, even in songs yay. I heard it's useful if you play first-person shooter games; I don't play them, but anyway, I don't think it's a waste =D I have some problem with the squeaking, the phones actually squeak since they're plastic, nothing major there though.

Design looks abit.... quirky, but I like it all the same =D

The inline volume control (hope I got it right)

...and a microphone made of win.

I should have come up with a more lengthy review, but since I'm bad at writing...

here's a picture. I really like them headphones, thank you peeps =D

Also to everyone who wished me before during and after 20th, thanks alot =D

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