Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's

@ Andrew's house on NYE. Uh-oh it is mid-March already? Sorry for the slow update +_+

Anyway, post rolled back to 1/1/10! =P [Actual post date 16 March 2010]

I believe most of the pics have already been uploaded on FB, but I am not planning to make it a picture site. Here's to those who happened to drop by to see that I have suddenly finally zomg-finally updated:

Oh, Andrew made fried rice. It was nice =D but sorry no picture, I only remembered after eating -_-

I believe this was the "watching banned commercials" session, and also Ivan's most exciting activity on this NY eve.

Anrew mopping the floor! Picture taken by Chee Yung.

For some reason I wanted this pic in B&W, haha.

After that we sorta went out to view 3 fireworks displays =D They were "quite" nice but I didn't get any nice pictures +_+

Well this was about the nicer shot already.

Looking for a place to hang out was a big problem. Some didn't want the expensive Nasi Kandar shop, others didn't want to spend their New Year in a 1960's retro Chinese kopitiam. (quoted by Ivan) In the end everyone went to Ben's house xD

In the karaoke room.

Outside the karaoke room.

This picture's kinda pathetic, but it'll do I guess. Happy New Year (after 3 1/2 months) everyone! =D

Oh and thanks Andrew for being a good host =D

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