Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ivan's 21st!

It was on the 3rd January btw. Ah 3 months ago, sorry again +_+ Anyway, post rolled back to 3rd January 2010 =P

Pictures are jumbled in the order... I see fit xD


Ivan's neighbour's house. Unfortunately I couldn't climb over the fence to take a picture of Ivan's house.

When we first saw this we actually thought it was a hand -_-

I personally think this looks very cute xD

Chee Yung in full blast(?)

Mr Phua ala Tamil movie hero style.

Mr Ben Superman.

Ivan's tanglung!

His dragon cake xD

This was after Shu Yi did the honours of cutting/distributing the cake. Shape seen above is more or less thanks to Ben telling her "eh Shu Yi, cut dragon bad luck for 10 years" xD

I loves candles =D

The always caked one, or at least to me. But it's cute =D

Some card game I cannot remember, but it's alchohol-based haha.

Okay that's about it. The rest... will be uploaded when the time is right!

Happyyy (Belated (I seem to use this for everyone)) Birthday Ivan! =D

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