Saturday, January 02, 2010

Comic Fiesta 09 [Day 1 and Only 1]

[Actual post date: 16 March 2010] Rolled back to 02/01/10 =P

So I went for Comic Fiesta. Nothing much to say about it, except that the lighting was terrible terrible horrible bloody horrible.

Ah, pictures.

Nonetheless, my life was complete when I saw this +D

Pei Chern and Jo Wee were there as well =D With... Yuka from XxxHolic was it? xD

Performance a.k.a dance routine.

OMG for the first time, I got to see Phoenix Wright('s mentor, partner, daughter, and client) =D but no Phoenix T_T

Very semangat-ed-ly objecting to life. Mia Fey looks on.

A somewhat standard feature in anime conventions. Still cool though, haha.

At Nando's. Waiters there didn't seem to want business at that time.

My life is complete once again =D

Performance 2 a.k.a dance routine 2! With the same song. People do think alike xDD

...the difference is this group roped in the audience (or maybe friends) to dance with them lol.

Clothes to wear and poses to make to get guys flocking towards you.

See what I mean?


Hmm let's see what's next...

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