Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mei Xian's Flo(we/u)ry 21st

Mei Xian's birthday's on 20th April. That's like... 9 months ago. Sorry yah xD
Ambushed Surprised her the night before. Time of attack was devised by the usual evil mastermind Lisa Lau.

"I've got her phone!" *attacks*

It's snowing ~~ snowspray-wielding criminal clad in red in action. Victim in blue looked on.

More snow.

awww xD

"omg how to blow this xD"

off-focus. but I likeeeeee.

hmm the usual "take candle out of cake with teeth" joke...

I need to thank Wei Ning (who curiously wasn't in any photo, how come ah =( sorry sorry) for this very cake...

which due to obvious circumstances fell into the wrong hands (grass).

and then it continued o.O

aftermath... not too bad la hor xD

In any case, hope youuuu enjoyed it Mei Xian! Happy belated belated belated belated belated birthday to you! =D

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