Sunday, August 26, 2007

Penang trip

So I'm back xD

Pictures are NOT in order. I malas mau arrange =\

Happy family (from left) - Lip Boon (son), Shu Yi (daughter), and Wei Ning (mom)
The mom is apparently younger than her two children.

Playing with effects

Playing with effects (2)

Jun Yet

Where I stayed the first night


Wei Ning in parts xD

That is Daniel

She suddenly popped up from nowhere xD

Follow the bird

Kek Lok Si

From left : Alvin, Cheng Yi, Daniel, Jun Yet

The best steak in town

That's all. If you want original pictures, ask me. If you want group photos, ask someone else xD


  1. Anonymous5:50 PM

    wakkaka.. i stole picture 34 xD

    -The Wierdo Keong Si Thief-

  2. geez. what a nickname mr. keongsi xD

  3. omg penang =D

    and zomg that hotel xD did u kno that it was built on some old former-prison site thingo? =P

    any jeepy jeebers u've encountered over there? =D

  4. hahaha yep, heard it was once used to safekeep hardcore criminals. went there before? =D

    unfortunately, i mean fortunately, no xD

  5. wat a nice trip... happy to see all of you enjoy the trip to penang and hope u all like penang ... happy to see the penang is so charm on the photo u shot...