Monday, August 13, 2007

School Life


WARNING: Long post ahead. Don't read if you can't stand boring stuff xD

Me being abit emo these few days made me do this. Don't blame me. Blame my emo-ness xD

Unlike many people, I've always felt that primary school was much better and much more fun than secondary school.

While many may wonder how on earth I could remember stuff from so many years ago, it's not because I have a good memory or what. Truth be told, I have really poor memory =\

It's not that surprising really. You tend to remember things that make you very happy, or very sad. Which is why I remember most of the things from my childhood up till secondary school, because my memories of them are mainly between the two extremes.

Of course I can't remember anything from before I was 3 xD but my mom told me before that I could sing when I was only 10 months old. Not bad, but it's too bad my voice sounds like a toad now.

I still remember the times my parents used to have a small mattress in the hall for me to take a nap in case I get tired from playing.

I remember only being able to memorize the 12 x 12 timetable when I was four.

I remember the times I brought a wooden spatula to kindergarten for protection or something like that.

I remember myself refusing to wear my uniform, which was a bright yellow-white dress back then.

I remember getting four small trophies instead of one grand one because I forgot to match the word 'meja' with a picture of a table.

I remember being hit with a roll of manila card by a classmate in kindergarten, and how it didn't hurt that much when he apologized.

I remember being in charge of playing drums for a lion dance in a kindergarten concert, but was too scared to do it in the final moments. So "Wong Kit Yee" went up the stage in the form of an Indian boy, while I stood at the back of the hall, watching xD

I remember my first day of school.

I remember greeting Cikgu Rozali every morning even though all the other students were afraid of him. Why I did that, I still wonder.

I remember going for computer classes, and how we were allowed to play Keen4E if we finish our work early.

I remember getting number four in my first mid year exams.

I remember getting number one for the first time in my final year exams.

I remember my mom buying me a present, which was a Garfield rubber stamp set for getting number one.

I remember crying non-stop in school everyday if I don't see my mom outside the classroom.

I remember my crying up till I was in Standard 2.

I remember being given special permission to carry a handphone to school because of it, so that I can call my parents anytime I feel scared.

I remember a boy in class telling me to not feel scared or cry, because he said he would be there for me.

I remember the same boy telling my mother he wants to marry me =.='

I also remember that boy slapping me once xD

I remember playing tag with a friend until I fell down, hit my head on the corner of a table, earning me a greenish-black mark on my forehead which only fully disappeared many years later. Or it may be just my imagination, because up till today, I still feel the slight pain when I touch that spot.

I remember Mrs Gomez drawing a smiley face on my homework for filling up the blanks with correct answers.

I remember having to freeze whenever the after-recess bell rings, so that patrolling prefects won't catch me or jot down my name for not doing so.

I remember getting sacked as a monitor in Standard 2 for losing the class register, being the assistant monitor instead.

I remember Sarah leaving for Scotland for a year before coming back.

I remember bullies taking away my colour pencils, how a friend somehow comforted and protected me, and how she was like a big sister to me back then.

I remember being a librarian in Standard 3, because I told my teacher I wanted to.

I remember joining Chinese Class, and realized how little Chinese characters I remembered since I left my Chinese-ed kindergarten.

I remember forgetting to answer Question 49 in Standard 3 Mid Year Math paper.

I remember being bugged by Cikgu Roaini for some time for it.

I remember her being surprised to hear me say "Mak saya kata tak apa" when asked about how my mom felt about that Question 49.

I remember our class having to answer random 1 x 1 to 13 x 13 timetable questions asked by my teacher before being allowed into the class after recess.

I remember my first group project, when our group had to present on the penjodoh bilangan 'gulung'

I remember the Digimon craze in Standard 3.

I remember bringing my Digimon 1 to school, being taught many different cheats to win battles, and how to get a Metal Greymon, Meramon, and Teddymon.

I remember selling erasers in class for people to play 'eraser war'.

I remember the PTS kelas tambahan's back then, and how much fun they had been.

I remember being lucky enough to skip a year.

I remember Pn Norhayati splitting Anittah, Sarah and me from sitting together on the first day of school, because she wanted us to mix around with our older peers.

I remember sitting between Syahidah and Siti Hajar, and how I was really scared of Syahidah at first.

I remember how our class used to make Pn Norhayati angry for not doing our homeworks, and it didn't help that she was pregnant at that time.

I remember her absence when she got maternity leave for three months, and how we, or at least I, missed her scolding.

I remember us making the class sparkling clean to welcome her back when the 3 months was over.

I remember her not being so fierce after she came back from her maternity leave.

I remember Pn Indra asking me to keep quiet because I was talking too much in class xD

I remember participating in the NIE Pizza thing for the first time, and how I stupidly pasted a picture of "Hush Puppies" as the answer for the question "Things I don't like:" without knowing that Hush Puppies is, in fact a brand, and not a dog.

I remember attending the extra classes for UPSR, but was forced to quit a month later because I wasn't used to tuitions, and it really worn me out even though I really enjoyed them.

I remember cutting my own finger when I tried to cut a piece of wood in Kemahiran Hidup.

I remember how quiet our class was the week before UPSR, without having the teachers to keep our mouth shut.

I remember how I wrote an essay about a boy who carelessly left his sister alone to play by himself for my UPSR Bahasa Penulisan paper.

I remember us passing our time happily after UPSR, and our teachers coming over to class to play games like chess and congkak with us.

I remember playing ping pong with the guys in my class, joining tables to form the table, and using bottles to form the net, and how I was the only girl who played that back then.

I remember not being allowed to go on a school trip after UPSR, so were some of the rest. But we were very happy because teacher bought us a pen each from that trip =)

I remember going to school one day, not knowing that our results would be out that day.

I remember our batch breaking the school's tradition of 8 straight A scorers every year, and how it made our teachers very happy.

I remember giving my teachers a pen each, as a thank you present for teaching me those two years.

I remember how I got my friends' autographs on an art block on the last day of school and laminated it.

I remembered how I stayed back in school on our last day just because I know I'll miss it after that.

I remember finally leaving my primary school life with a smile.

I remember my first day in secondary school.

I remember going back to primary school only once to visit my teachers, not because I had forgotten them, but because I was too scared.

I remember someone refusing to talk to me for some reason I don't understand.

I remember being scared stiff by Pn Dewi on our first English class.

I remember being glared at by her for attempting to return a friend's eraser by throwing it to her when she was teaching us about 'The Pencil'.

I remember the Q-book craze, and how I was not a part of it.

I remember us having to attend donkey computer classes in Form 1, and how the class was finally canceled due to its pointlessness.

I remember how I used to walk back to my grandmother's house from school every evening, and how my grandpa would go back to his room the moment I reach the place so that I can watch whatever channel I wanted to on television.

I remember Pn Dewi's April Fool trick on us in Form 2. It was seriously the best trick yet xD

I remember Form 2 being the best year of my secondary school life.

I remember PMR year, and how our class was in the 3rd floor of the new building just because seniors get the ground floor.

I remember how our teachers held extra classes for us =D

I remember us counting the days to PMR, and the handshake ceremony right before that final day.

I remember us being locked up in either the hall and the padang every single day after PMR, and how frustrated I had been with that.

I remember that after-PMR life was nowhere near as fun as after-UPSR life.

I remember typing out the prefects' rules and regulations book, the same book which was used against me after that.

I remember sitting beside Dhanika in Form 4, and how much we squabbled in class xD

I remember how Pn Wong used to hit my head for dozing off in class. Which was fun actually =D

I remembered how much I hated Form 4 and Form 5 life.

I remember finding out that some buggers were trying to bring me down, and they thought I was that dumb and blind that I wouldn't know it, but apparent I wasn't.

I remember just keeping my mouth shut about it. Let those idiots feel happy and safe.

I remembered myself refusing to study at all, and how I resented books.

I remember how much I hated Biology, and how I grew to hate many other subjects as well.

I remember screwing up my final year exams in Form 4, and how I never took the initiative to climb back up.

I remember how Dhanika and I made a point to NOT sit next to each other in Form 5 xD

I remembered Hui Wen leaving us for Australia on the 28th of January 2006.

I remember racing Darren to see who can finish our exercises in class first. No use even if I beat him to the finish line though, he always beats me flat in exams xD

I remember how Darren and I cornered Dhanika on some vegetarian issue >D. Mwahahaha. No hard feelings yeah =P

Other than that, I remember my entire Form 5 life being a hell for me.

I remember how I overslept during a camp, and how the bugger purposely did not wake me up even though she was there, so that she can scold me after that.

I remember finding out that some people were still trying to bring me down.

I remember still keeping my mouth shut over it. Again. xD

I remember how things got much better towards the end of the year.

I remember the final weeks before SPM.

I remember being closer to Ching Ching, Dhan and Nadz than anyone else in Form 5. I wonder if it's one way xD

I remember thinking of how much I thought I was going to miss school, and while I knew I'd definitely miss the teachers and friends, I just couldn't find the heart to miss school somehow.

Finally, I remember sitting for SPM.

And that marked the end of my school life. Okay la, I can't remember everything now, but I'll post a new one when I can think of the others, whether you like it or not =P. As you can see, my primary school life was much more memorable, happier and fun. While I won't say secondary school was all doom and gloom, I certainly didn't like it much for some reason. Maybe my final two years there killed my love for school. Maybe it was thanks to the bugger. Maybe it was my own fault, being so useless and all, but that doesn't change the fact that primary school will always be where my happiest memories lie.

For the first time, I'm writing such a long post. xD

This is bad. I'm feeling like an old geezer thinking about school.


  1. Kit Yee! Muh buddy, ya
    Hey that ws seriously something so darned cool man!
    And yup, the one abt being closer to the few near end of skool, was definetely the same ith me.

    Damned if I ever write something about my skool life, urs will be sufficient enough.

    Glad to know and still know ya!

  2. Hahaha thanks buddy ^^
    Really? Good to hear that =D

    Which reminds me, you should write something like that too =P

    Glad to hear you're glad to know and still know me =)

  3. Anonymous11:11 PM

    come on.. cheer up dude.. you sound so emo xD
    well.. maybe you remember soo much abt primary skol is because everybody are innocent back then... when they say they wanna be your friend, they really mean it..
    as ppl enter secondary skol they become rather, licik.. hhaaha..

    come on.. don't be sad kit yee.. you got us right?

    p/s: you still have daren.. remember? xD hahaha jk


  4. Tha's right there...

    Looks like tat u have a fren in daren there.

    And me too!!

    And being emo is k, I went tru it yesterday after I nearly rammed into a old chinese woman driver in a junction with my sis in the car..

    Oh boy..

  5. very true xD boring n long entry

    cant believe i read everything xDD~

    truth be told, at times, i kinda miss SMKBS =X

  6. -jy- : It's not really the sincerity, since majority of my secondary schoolmates were also my primary schoolmates. Talk about carry forward xD It's just that I felt more at home in primary school. Less classes, more fun. and having one less bugger in school really made a hell lot of difference xD

    Thanks man =)

    Dhan : Yep ^^ that dude's there's not daren tho xD anyways, college mates here are really nice.
    and you have a friend in me too =D

    Whoa. Sounds like a close cut o_o Perhaps the one thing good about me not having a license is that I'm less likely to kill people than them killing me xD in any case, no injuries right? =)

    DLT2 : Lol. I sudah put warning ok =P

    Really? Truth be told, I preferred SKBS. Or maybe I haven't been out of SMKBS long enough to miss it that much xD wait till I become old like you (even if it's just one year =P) maybe I'll start writing another LOOONNGGG post about it xP

  7. ftw i'm not old =.=