Wednesday, August 20, 2008

kekeke i'm vry free whut, so i'm typin zis post lor

I used to like using "kekeke" when chatting on MSN.

Then today I saw this on Wiki:

OMG it's part of 1337Z012Z!


For some reason I've stopped doing that. Heck, I'm chatting in even more proper words than my parents' sms-es now. I must be getting old.

If you're wondering, no I'm not very free. I'm not supposed to be free. And I don't think I'll be free for the rest of the semester either.

The answer to the old uncle story is pretty simple really. DTTFG! As to why did I post that up shall remain a mystery till the end of time. Even to myself.

Yesh, I know you're tired of seeing my keyboard xD

I have acquired this new very good habit of taking all pictures on the same day and then post them up bit by bit for the fun of it. Yay me.

Anyway, the next post should be worth a few thousand words. But it won't be soon.

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