Monday, August 25, 2008

*looks at clock*

Someone turned 19 erm... *looks at clock* yesterday!

Happy Birthday to Bee Theng.


...Aha pictures xD

EDIT 25/8/2008 10:31pm: You can actually click on the pictures for a 800px x 533px resolution, which is very big already ok.

MV has some favourable lighting for D40X this time =D

6 peeps went to watch the much-hyped Dark Knight (beloved camera left in the care of my mom and brother who were somewhere somewhere in MV). I looked at my watch 4 times throughout the movie. It's nice la, but not that great.

In other words, Wall-E was nicer =P

After that we went to somewhere I dunno where to so-called eat.

For some reason I like this.

Hahaha like the watermark?

I think not. Click on picture for the original.

I was 'syok sendiri'-ing. Don't mind me.


Meet Cynthea. There's one funny pic of her later, so remember her face xD

I think my eyes were in danger xD


Candles were lit while birthday girl was away ordering food.

...attentively. Btw, this is Nisha xD

and then realized the candles were melting but birthday girl was not here yet (because someone just had to go order food from Long John Silver far far away).

And so someone blew the candles before the birthday girl xD

Yay I just destroyed another photo! xD


Bee Theng, in case you don't know xD

I have no idea what those two at the side were laughing about.

No matter how many times I count the candles I only see 1 + 8.

Normally people cut cakes alone.

But this one obviously needed help xD

Erm strawberry freak.



OMG another strawberry?

Meet Stephanie. Now marked an enemy >D

Pardon the unrelated photo.

"I grew up with lighters." xD

Okay that's about it lah.

Happy Birthday =)


  1. eh quite sharp weh.

    and ooh the bday girl's cute :P

  2. =D

    want me to intro? =P