Monday, August 04, 2008

Sometimes I just wish I never had a camera

TIAOP - Get the meaning and I'll give you RM10.
EDIT AT 7.07PM: Mr PCI got the answer, but graciously refused the RM10 since he only takes money from parents and relatives during CNY. Thank you for sparing my piggy bank.
It's easy enough to guess, but for those who are still clueless, it stands for "This Is An Obligatory Post", which means I am actually posting up pictures against my own will. The reason is rather obvious, take a look at them photos and you'll see why -_-

Now my great layout plan might be scrapped because Mr. Chu Ian unwittingly managed to guess my great idea without even knowing it. Geez.

Ah and nothing much is up lately. M50's auto mode is seriously unusable. Interestingly, pictures with flash generally turn out quite all right.

Wei Ning's pot luck at Wei Ning's park near Wei Ning's house last Friday night. I got a mosquito bite. If it's Aedes the blog might never get another update after this.

It was fun. Quite fun. Rather fun. Ok so it was fun.

End of post.

Just joking. But it doesn't make much difference anyway. Pics I have are not much different from having nothing at all.

For some reason I remember taking shots of some peeps but they magically disappeared in my camera when I got home.

If you zoom in and look, this photo's quite funny.

Every attempt at snapping random shots from places my eyes can't reach will always end up a failure. Somehow.

This should teach everyone not to sabotage my shots. I will really post the pictures up.

Another funny shot. If you're wondering why are there so many shots of Ivan, he's EVERYWHERE.

I like this shot. Somehow.

Ahhh I finally see Shu Yi! Sorry -_-

OMG I see Shu Yi again!

...and then my battery fainted. Sorry again -_-

Thank you Wei Ning for being such a wonderful host =)

On a totally unrelated note totally unrelated to the happy event in this post:

[I wrote something very long here, but it's now been deleted for reasons known only to myself]

To the one(s) who told everyone (juniors seniors teachers students NPCs etc.) that I like to sleep in class, thank you very much. I wish your goodwill will be repaid someday.

Hmm I'm sleepy, so this will end here. Don't worry, the next post should carry a happier tune. I got a new keyboard after all =)

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