Friday, December 19, 2008

I am Still Not Working

Eek sorry for not updating. Erm on a second thought you should feel sorry for me for not updating, because to have a blog and not blog is a sign that I'm not exactly in my right mind right now! xD

...Not really lah. I'm just feeling extremely lazy, that's all. Heck, I even told my parents I'd like to "retire" when I'm not even working xD And yes, I've been sleeping day and night these days, even more hours than a cat, so in actual 100% accurate fact, cats sleep alot like me and not the other way round.

I was really tempted to post up many pictures I took from the very interesting cosplay event, but then I realised the picture qualities were leaning towards "disastrous", so maybe I'll just post up a couple of pics and then delete the rest, but that'd be rude to the cosplayers who worked very hard to pose for my hardworking camera which was unfortunately handled by an unskilled photographer with zero artistic talent. Aiya how bad can pictures get with a DSLR? They can get very bad, very bad I tell you. Oh teh self hate, I shall drown in my sorrows and then the water will suddenly get dark and proceed to go forever down. Oh lala ~

And Ching, I'll hand them over in a CD when I see you, sorry for the great delay ya T_T

Andandand the postdate has been deliberately changed for some reasons xD


  1. dude! dont delete them XD
    put some up i wanna seeee XD
    it cant be that bad rite?

  2. still drafting, will put them up soon xD they're reallyyyyyy bad T_T