Friday, December 19, 2008

Do You See Red?

actual post date and time: 14-1-2009 at 12.20am

Yep, the time when many Chinese and mandarin-orange-lovers would be eating mandarin oranges for breakfast lunch tea dinner supper and anytime in between is almost if not already here!

In order to reflect the very red season I did some minor layout changes. Nothing too major, and may not be very friendly to the eyes, but bearable I hope, haha.
Please note that being a banana does not mean I cannot include Chinese characters in the header >D Hope I got it right though, I just copied and pasted them from Google -_-

The very very time-consuming 3D-furball-which-doesn't-look-3D will have to wait. Delayed mostly due to lack of motivation =\ It will get done someday though, just not now. I guess.

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