Tuesday, December 09, 2008

If Only

Everyone loves "what if"s. Yes, I do that everyday myself. I try not to these days, but try as I may, I do them anyway. Haha.

Examples include 'if only those @#$% organizers had my favourite colour pencil I'd have been in a better mood and won't create havoc at the party, if only that @#$% emcee didn't come late and made me eat dinner late I lovelovelove eating one you know, if only the @#$% mosquito didn't fly into my room and stung me and now you see you see I have bruises all over, if only that @#$% idiot didn't scream and made me lose the game and now I need to belanja my bro makan, if only I'd stop writing rubbish now, etc. etc.'

The pointtttt isssss, if you keep thinking about all these stuff you will end up seeing dinosaurs. Possibilities are endless anyway. Maybe not now, but you will eventually if you do it often enough, don't worry =P

...Maybe you'll see this 1966 car first. Carolyn & cousins guessed correctly, and very quickly too!
(on the other hand, I myself had to actually refer to the paper that came with the toy -_-")

...actually, that's what my dad said to me when I was complaining about how I could have done something better if circumstances were more, say, favourable. Minus the examples, I think. And he heard that from some talk, I think xD

I noticed that I always edit my posts 12455693 times after publishing them -_-

Just a post to keep the place alive, while I wait for some cheapskate stuff to enable me to snap some somewhat different photos. Till then erm, no photo updates! xD

YESH I am posting this up on purpose *coughIhavetheyellowonecoughcough* =P and sad to say, this picture had been edited to death -_-

Both pictures were taken at the same time as the ones in the previous post, I was too lazy to erm resize and edit them yesterday.

P.S: I'm waiting to watch The Prestige (by waiting you know erm what I mean lah hor). I hope it'll be cool.

P.P.S: Since I spent so much time typing this post, the wait *points at the first P.S.* is now over.


  1. the prestige is the cantonese movie? i also want watch can burn for me?

  2. English movie. I Heard it's about magicians, have not watched it yet though xD

  3. oh, i mixed it up with another movie, now i rmb what the prestige is. XD