Saturday, December 20, 2008


I know all the photos don't look nice, and I didn't really want to post them up here. But then again, it was my birthday as well (Hotlink wished me first the day before, lol. By the way, many million thanks to everyone who remembered =D) so I thought I must have a birthday post somehow.

I was in Comic Fiesta 2008 [CF08] for both days to take pictures of cosplayers and figurines (well, mostly figurines, but oh well). This post will cover the photos taken on the first day.

Picture order jumbled up for unknown reasons.

Let's start off with some uni peeps.

...and some schoolmates.

Natasha and her brother. Currently studying IT or something of similar coolness =D

Hani and her (I presume very young) sister as the Yagami siblings from Digimon Adventure xD

The rest were cosplayers that I don't really know who they were cosplaying as but they looked pretty interesting so I took photos lor.

Star Wars + Lara Croft + averyfamiliarorangedude + a StreetFighter(?). All armed with weapons or fists of world destruction omg.

More Star Wars =D

Andrew and Lulu with the Moogle! =D ...and Wakka and Rikku =D
I'd say they were very cool and the costumes were also very cool and all, but... aren't Wakka and Lulu supposed to be together? -_-

According to some very accurate statistics from some very accurate sources, people who dye their hair frequently will be suffering hair loss by the age of 25.
...Just kidding xD

This was very cute xD ah and I found out from Ching that it's Kon from Bleach.

Somehow everyone laughed when she was asked to "tell us a joke" during the cosplay competition, a joke which she eventually "sang", which somehow involved kicking and stepping on the emcee and singing something, but I'm not sure if it's a joke xD

Yes I have just realised I have this very bad habit of zooming out too much.

Never mind. On to the next ones.

That's all for the first day. Second day ones will be posted in future.

Alrighty! Now to thank the three who came over for lunch =D

Wing Keen (sorry I'm not sure if the spelling is correct, but thanks for the lunch! xD), Wing Lam and Andrew. Thanks a lot =D

...and also to Dhan and Ching (cancelling out the 'h's make "dancing" xD) for dinner =D Sorry, lighting not very good -_-

So yes, in short, I got free food on my birthday >P


  1. wakka is having an affair with rikku in the parking lot O.O btw theres no such thing as PG-18, only have 18SG/18SX/18PL, but for you i think its 18SG XD

  2. ... that would really destroy teh good ending in X-2 o.o eep my bad, but never mind, there's PG-18 for passport applications xD 18SG sounds violent enough, thank you very much >D

  3. orz XDD i think that wakka and rikku cosplayers are in relationship in real life
    and thanks for taking picture of me and my sis XD
    anyway i didnt get to say happy birthday to you
    so happy belated birthday kit yee XD
    cant wait to see 2nd day pics >w<
    and the competition joke thing
    is that if you didnt watch the anime/manga you wont understand the character, krauzer loohh
    the character is like that, always kicking people

  4. ...o.o
    sorry they were dark T_T
    thank you thank you =DD
    2nd day pics not that many, battery died halfway -_-
    ohhh okay okay xDD

  5. AH ! That's me!