Friday, January 21, 2011

Ryan's Messier 21st

Ryan's birthday falls on the... 26th April. Also 9 months late sorry haha.
Hmm this celebration had a decoy, but shall not delve into the details! Pictures below ~~

studying at this time hmmm think it was Amber's book though LOL

Service with a smile >)

Service with a smile too >D

Take 3

Further planning... balloons by the side...

The must-have cream...

"How many times should we cream him ah?" "Five."

Spartans ready for the kill.

It started with a pillow ambush/fight.

Kena buli sampai like that lol xD

Cream made its intended appearance ~

And a balloon fight/attack ensued...


The family photo.

Hope you enjoyed your birthday Mr Ryan! Happy belated birthday to you ~~

Next post. Will be trooly. Messy.

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