Monday, January 31, 2011

Loitering around Deakin Hall: Bricks

Hmmm yes these were taken around the same time as the previous post, and prolly mixed with some I took in July as well. Though there are only 10 pictures, and some are repetitive shots... I thought I'd separate this as a single update, or something like that.

So anyway, random pictures taken around Deakin Hall, no greenery this time.

First building I visited. Home of packages, bedsheets and vacuum cleaners.

Right-side view.

Ah. I spent half my life here. Lol.

Howitt Hall sure is tall. Hmm.

Deakin Old...

...with a glint on one of the windows...

...and view from the garden.

The New... HDR, sort of. I posted this pic before btw lol. But anywayyy never mind it...

and finally... a shot of my room... haha.

That's all! Should have taken more pictures hmm. Never minddd.

Have a good Tuesday everyones ~~
I need to stop stealing bones/chickens. Like naos. Gee.

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