Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Month and a Week

What's the difference between 1 month and 1 week? =P

Apparently it doesn't make much of a difference anymore, since this post is a month AND a week late -_- Really sorry for the delay, esh-pear-shia-lee to Wei Ning, I haven't been in front of the computer much these few days except for watching anime (a pretty outdated one) anyway xD
Apart from that, I am training very hard to beat Andrew in Time Crisis III (1 hour today okayyyy, that's 2 playthroughs! If I were in the arcade I'd go bankrupt, since I died so many times -_-) and unfortunately my guncon seems to be breaking down while my skills don't seem to be going up in any way -_-

There are usually 2 reasons why I tend to "overdelay" certain picture posts. The first would be me being very busy, which is not very likely lahh, the second would be that I don't like the pictures I took. Them pictures never fail to fail me when I really can't afford to fail.

Ah, and I wonder which idiot from the lowlands dengan pandainya resetted my snap count. Maybe it was me -_-

Ah right, pictures.

This, was what I saw when I first entered the room.

This, was what I saw when they saw me afterward.

This, was what I saw when they looked at the camera.

This, was what I saw when Carolyn's camera saw my camera.

Okay this is pointless xD "This, was what I saw" will be discontinued(?) hereon xD

I am a very lazy photographer who refuses to move an inch from her seat when taking pictures, shoot me.

Mei Xian commented that these two looked like some 'taiko's xD

Return of the lazy photographer

A cake! A cake!
...which was made of flour, sugar, water, chocolate, hydrogenated oil, some red solid-ish liquid-ish thing, and candles.

Sorry it's blur, I didn't dare go too close to the cake =\
Anyway, the words read "Happy Birthday Hot & Sexy Ning" xD

Erm sorry, I really like taking pictures like this

Mei Xian punching the air! omg!

... and that concludes my post for the day.

Happy (Very) Belated Birthday, Wei Ning! xD

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