Thursday, November 13, 2008


I spent 2 hours plus in MPH reading Hardy Boys: The Short-Wave Mystery. Might as well just buy it right? -_-

A lady gave me a balloon in 1 Utama yesterday, my parents and brother laughed at me for that. It is now in my room.

My Guncon 2 died-ed, greatttt T_T

Now I badly want an Xbox 360 rather than PS3, they have Fable 2 omg! ...I forgot all about it until I read the review in InTech -_-

And they also have DoA 4 omg! ...I downloaded the high-res 400+MB trailer when it first came out.

And they also officially have Yoda in SC 4 omg! ...Yoda talk, I like. Kilik, I also like =D

And they also have DMC 4 omg! ...never played the series before xD

And they'll also have FFXIII omg! ...yay.

... but they won't have MGS 4. I've never played any I II or III, but I liked the soundtracks. Sad =(

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