Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pictureless Post the Second

I have been playing Eff Eff Twelfth lately. Yes, very outdated I know. I abandoned it 100 years ago after playing it for 5 hours since I didn't like the modern-ish old theme and the gambits system, which I more or less hate less now. Somehow many people think it's cool to have medieval era clothes and weapons coupled with high-tech equipment, in this case airships. Star Wars used lightsabers and spaceships, and also with those 10th century clothes.

Roughly 30 hours of gameplay so far, and the main party's around level 30 -_- whereas the other 3 sad characters remained at 10, 12 and 17 respectively xD
Maybe if I play it for 99 hours I'll get to level 99. Too bad it doesn't work that way though.

I personally find the Judges' headgears really ugly. When I first played the game I thought they were fiends. Now that I'm through with the desert plot they look more like metallic versions of the Garif Race. Nothing like Humes. At all. This statement is not meant as an insult to non-Humes worldwide, universe-wide, and multiverse-wide.

I realllyyyy like Larsa('s Hi Potions and X-Potions), so much that I'm trying to do more Hunts before surrendering him to the mountains.

The end. Future posts will be shorter and shorter until I phase out the photo posts before updating with pictures again. In support of your bandwidth.


  1. told you ff12 is fun, keep playing

  2. I can't get trickster with larsa in the team, so I'm starting to lose interest T_T

    SC3's fun though, and the opening video's full of win. You should play it! =D