Friday, November 28, 2008


I have just realised that my blog eats up alot of people's connection, so I'm posting something here to hopefully push the picture posts away from the main page. Haha.

Reading Doraemon in English gave me a very weird feeling, I'm more used to the characters conversing in BM. It's more, erm, natural? I used to have quite a number of the comics you see (yess I used to buy original comic books from the bookstore), and ohya, I preferred Tora Aman over Ding Dong, and I also liked Wang a lot =D

Anyway, have you ever read the supposed endings? It's officially neverending, but some jokers decided to write their own versions of how the robot-cat-with-no-ears should die/live/revive/specky-dies-instead. I read just one, and I sort of liked it. Long time ago though.

This post is dedicated to Doraemon turning 39 years old next month.

...which doesn't make any sense, does it? I might as well just write this next month.

Which makes this random post #lostcount.

Anyway, I'm joining teh mass-mailing! Anyone with extra toy capsules pleaseeeee? I don't need the toy inside, I just want the capsule =D

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