Wednesday, November 12, 2008

SPM and the T in Between


The SPM I dreaded and hated and hated and hated and hated and hated 2 years ago is now haunting current Form 5 younglings xD All the best o younglings. Fear not should you fail or perform below expectations, SPM is not the final exam in life. I would have liked to say something about this many-subjects-punya-exam, but I shall refrain from doing so since it might insult teh wonderful teachers and younglings in school xD

STPM starts today, all the best peeps! It's 100 times more important than SPM, your lives are on the line!
... okay just kidding, about the lives being on the line at least xD And I think I have just insulted the younglings xD
Anyway, gogo buggers, do well in the exams I was too dumb/scared/lazy/lazy-want-to-wear-uniform to take! =D

Do pardon the hyper post. I just ate some dried fish fillet.

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